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Barn Life Recovery’s treatment program is a personalized, multi-faceted recovery progression, that evaluates, identifies, and addresses your specific challenges.



Addiction is a co-occurring disorder. For most of us, drugs and alcohol are the cheapest and most readily available solutions to our underlying mental health problems. We knew we needed help and we knew we needed something. However, though drugs and alcohol work marvelously well at first, they wear off.  And when they wear off they leave us feeling worse, lost and disconnected.

Being sober during the process of treating our mental health is vital.  However, treating addiction by itself as if it were the initiating factor does nothing more than create the revolving door that defines the modern substance abuse industry. For example, 10% of those who are treated find lasting recovery.  On the other hand, the percentage of people who find lasting sobriety and do not attend a treatment facility is also 10%.  Not encouraging numbers.  Why?  I think we know why. Treating substance abuse by itself is only treating the symptom of the real problem.

We regularly treat people who have over 90 days of sobriety at a traditional substance abuse facility. Unfortunately, they still have not managed to get the mental health care they so desperately need. And without this mental health focus, relapse is often inevitable, creating repeated failed substance abuse treatment episodes. This is the result of treating the symptom only.


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Amazing place, amazing program, and top-notch people! A truly once in a lifetime blessing that I was able to attend this facility and program. They helped me to reconnect with myself and who I am and have since had no prescribed medication for anxiety or depression for 3 years now! Unforgettable! Thank you, Sifu and all staff at Barn Life.


I would Give 500 Stars

Incomparable to any other treatment. Easily 100 times better. Non-step 12 step. The way I like to explain is that, at Barn Life, we aren't just forced to take notes on coping strategies and relapse prevention courses, instead clients and staff alike encourage each other to think freely, engage in new styles of meditation, thereby committing to memory real, practical techniques that catapult a broken soul into a place of such strong and evolved spiritually.


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