The Anxiety Is Palpable

With the coronavirus pandemic essentially shutting the world down, mental health is as important as ever. Unemployment claims are skyrocketing. Families are hoarding food and supplies. Much of the country is under shelter-in-place orders, making isolation the norm. The anxiety is palpable, even for those who don’t suffer from mental health issues. Furthermore, the CDC is recommending that those who have mental health conditions continue with their treatment during the pandemic. Additionally, they also advise remaining vigilant as symptoms could easily worsen due to the increase in stress and anxiety. But how are people going to get treatment and still remain safe?

Telehealth Treatment

As a response, many providers are turning to telehealth treatment in which clients receive services online via video chat. Additionally, government officials at the state and federal levels are offering support. Chuck Ingoglia, CEO of the National Council for Behavioral Health states that, “[w]e’re seeing a lot of states respond by proposing pretty radical changes to their telehealth reimbursement policies both by increasing types of services that can be delivered by telehealth, the types of professionals that can deliver those services, as well as thinking very broadly about the types of technologies that can be used.” Furthermore, insurers such as Aetna, Anthem, and Cigna are amending their policies on telehealth coverage in an effort to make sure that everyone who needs help is getting it.

Love Life Again

Barn Life Recovery is now offering telehealth therapy as part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our top priority is the health and safety of our clients, their families, and our employees. Furthermore, we will continue to provide the quality, comprehensive treatment services and programs as we operate under our infectious disease protocols. If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, please don’t continue to suffer in isolation. Give Barn Life Recovery a call today to see if telehealth therapy is right for you.