Coronavirus RESPONSE

Barn Life Recovery’s top priority is the health and safety
of our patients, their families, and our employees.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis continues to unfold, Barn Life Recovery remains committed to providing the quality, comprehensive treatment we’re known for. Accordingly, we are offering on-site programming as well as HIPAA-compliant telehealth curriculum. Mental health is as important as ever and the strain the pandemic is placing on the population we serve is evident in our increased enrollment. Our top priority is the health and safety of our residents, their families, and our employees.

In addition to our traditional on-site treatment, Barn Life Recovery offers telehealth therapy. Besides the convenience of doctor visits without a commute, sometimes it’s essential to provide care remotely to keep everyone safe and healthy. We’re here to help patients and families make the transition to virtual healthcare. Call and speak with Lacy (last name) or Alyssa Panis to receive Guest Access to VirtualBarn, our Telehealth curriculum

For those who opt to receive treatment on-site, Barn Life Recovery continues to operate under our infectious disease protocols. Furthermore, in consideration of the potential risks associated with coronavirus, we have adopted additional protocols for the health and safety of our guests, their families, and our employees:

At this time, we are currently suspending family visits.

Those seeking admission will undergo screening with questions concerning their current health, recent travel, and recent interactions with others who have traveled.

If a potential admission is approved to be assessed, our admissions director will repeat the screening questions before admissions and request a doctor’s note if being released from a treatment facility.

Potential admissions who answer yes to any questions or fail to meet medical criteria will be denied admission.

First, we are instructing patients and staff to practice aggressive hand washing. Additionally, we ask that they avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth areas and practice respiratory hygiene.

Finally, we are asking staff who are experiencing any compromise of health to stay home.

We will continue to monitor CDC and state health department recommendations as they pertain to COVID-19. Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.


Matt Carver



Amazing place, amazing program, and top-notch people! A truly once in a lifetime blessing that I was able to attend this facility and program. They helped me to reconnect with myself and who I am and have since had no prescribed medication for anxiety or depression for 3 years now! Unforgettable! Thank you, Sifu and all staff at Barn Life.


I would Give 500 Stars

Incomparable to any other treatment. Easily 100 times better. Non-step 12 step. The way I like to explain is that, at Barn Life, we aren't just forced to take notes on coping strategies and relapse prevention courses, instead clients and staff alike encourage each other to think freely, engage in new styles of meditation, thereby committing to memory real, practical techniques that catapult a broken soul into a place of such strong and evolved spiritually.


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