Woman doing tai chi at sunset

Tai Chi: Integration with the Flow

Safe bets, based on successful old bets, are not bets. You are chasing. We want the fresh, fresh. We want what works now, not then.  And how might we align ourselves with that pulse of the zeitgeist of now? Redundancies aside, that pursuit to align is called Tai Chi. That integration with the flow is Tai Chi. The exact style of Tai Chi (Wu style, Yang style, Sun style, or Chen Style) is irrelevant. Styles are just approaches. The pursuit is what matters. Suffice to say, this pursuit takes time. And effort. Like anything that is WORTH it. We REFUSE to cut, copy, and paste. Every day, and every moment, and every theme, is a mirror of what is happening right now. Now is what we are seeking to apprehend and engage with. Now is the goal we wish to get a handle on. It is where we live.


The Filter in Which We View the World

Real life is brutal. Experience is a cruel teacher. Time is the real test, of anything. That being said, Tai Chi is all about practice. Day after day after day, practice. If you literally Google it, it means the art of mind, body, spirit. But the Google Gods left out a key word: Integration. Reality is overwhelming.  Tai Chi is the filter in which we view the world, like a Search Engine. We need something to filter out (and in) the gush of reality incessantly flooding around. And, not all information is even germane to OUR particular situation. In simpler terms, not all information is useful to you. Information is NOT the answer. Most of us have access to the information, thanks to handheld phones. How we USE that information is where the “rubber meets the road”, so to speak. Make the information have meaning.


Thoughts into Actions, Actions into Reality

Tai Chi is manifestation. It is wizardry, to put it mildly. Tai Chi is the way in which we restructure reality to serve our individual vision. It is how we conjure thoughts into actions and actions into reality. Tai Chi is your steering wheel to take over your world. Tai Chi is how we get ahold of our “selves”. It is liberation. Freedom. It is “a way” we break from societal constraints, personal constraints and genetic constraints. It is what we all seek, deserve, and reserve as our birthright. But it takes effort. Effort and time is the price. Which is just another way of saying “persistence”.  Even a fool becomes wise if she persists in her folly. In other words, if you are feeling sleepy, but you stick with it, you may learn something. Valuable things. Life-changing things.


The Center Point of Now

Tai Chi is the art of living in the “now”. Right now. There are no secret moves. There are no mysterious secrets. The enigma is this, and only this: grab hold of right now. It is all there is and all there ever was, and all there ever will be. A whole bunch of now, now, nows. All the rest is immaterial, not yet realized, yet. That being said, if we can create, together, ways of living in the now and getting real, real good at living in the now, we can breathe much easier. And live much easier. And create environments in which others may live easier.  We can become the center point of prosperity. The genesis moment. The center point of now. Which is just another way of saying oneness within the community of many.  We are all “ground zero” points of change.