Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, or sahasrara in Sanskrit, is our 7th and final chakra in our psyche and soma series. Here we engage with the purest and most balanced concept of a higher vision of the self and consciousness. That is, how we are aware of the moment and the experience of our own energy field. Sitting at the top of our head, the crown chakra exposes our capacity for a pure conscious relationship with a universal whole. Rather than the differentiated emotional and sensory worlds of the lower and bodily chakras, the crown hosts our blissful or transcendental selves. If we subscribe to the idea that there is a soul incarnate within the body and psyche, the crown experience would best describe the pure union of harmonious fullness.

The Hopeful and Transcendent Image

I often address the common phenomenon in early recovery of a kind of purified image of health that may overtake an individual for a period of time. This arguably comes as a compensation for the unconscious drives of the bodily instincts in chaos. Once the carnal self has rendered one in a kind of surrendered ego, the hopeful and transcendent image descends onto these individuals. We can feel this when anyone comes from their purest sense of self. Often with radical room for the moment at hand and a strong capacity to accept and flow with the presenting moment. Our term, “getting high” refers to this state. Often, we chase freedom from the mind and freedom from bodily urges. To identify completely with the crown is to cut one’s self off from the entire human experience. Instead, one aligns with the deified world of the archetypes.

Our Transcendent Notion

It is not uncommon to confuse these experiences with the ideal life. On the one hand, what a miraculous place to dwell! After all, our view from the mountaintop certainly shrinks the lower veils and trials of a human/animal life. When above it all, earthly experiences seem trivial, even unnecessary. As Peter once said to Jesus when meeting the prophet Elijah on a literal mountaintop, “Why ever leave this place?” The answer, on the other hand, invites us to appreciate these experiences for what they are. Once some higher bliss can be achieved, we may resist the descent into the soulful life. However, in the descent, we may also bring our transcendent notion down and in as the informing and simplifying guide.

Harmonious and Perfect Organization

A balanced crown chakra produces an ever-present awareness that the universal structures of the archetypes or God/gods are harmonious and in perfect organization. By contrast, we, as beings of receptivity to presenting material of the unconscious, are ever reconciling to that universal whole. From the depth psychology perspective, we are ever introduced to the layers of undifferentiated and unconscious aspects of our wholeness. This chakra introduces the ideals and may possess the psyche for periods of time.

A Mythic Mapping of Our Journey

This week, I encourage staff and clients to not be shy about the ideals. Instead, as we loosen the tensions around the mind, we may begin to let go. We may imagine a state of our best and purest relationship with the presenting moment. These phenomena are a beautiful thing to pursue. Often, our goals in recovery of any kind reflect this climb into blissful harmony. Sometimes our greatest intervention is a mythic mapping of our journey. Should a client become mindful of their ideals, they may, too, confront the need to descend into the raw and tactile world of the daily task, the deeper emotion or the undifferentiated unconscious.