Community based treatment enables people with mental disorders to maintain family relationships, friendships and jobs while receiving comprehensive services.


Barn life Recovery

Community based treatment enables people with mental disorders to maintain family relationships, friendships and jobs while receiving comprehensive services.  This allows people to practice new behaviors in a safe setting where they do not have to fear the scrutiny of social pressures.  The care providers at Barn Life Recovery have the benefit of working with clients in an open and social environment.  This gives clinicians the advantage of seeing clients through a much more comprehensive lens and scope.  This not only improves treatment outcomes, but hastens the process towards recovery.


A place where farmers once toiled and shipbuilders honed their craft.  By 2012 it had become a product of creativity and opportunity.  A collaboration of dreamers and doers.  Risk takers and artists.

Barn Life represents a moment in time when people dig deep to reconnect with an old friend, your true self.  It is too easy in this day and age to surrender to the propagandas that make people feel weak, useless and alone.



































































































Barn Life welcomes the lost.  The wanderers who have not quite found a way that is worth their time.  Here is a place where you can be yourself unflinchingly and wholeheartedly.  A safe haven where we can rebuild, restore, replenish and recover.  It is more than just a place.  It is a perspective.  A way of looking at the world and the people within it.  The world needs safe havens now more than ever.  Mental illness is on the rise ravaging our schools, desecrating our holy places and pillaging our government.  It has crept into our homes and taken our friends and family.  The core ideals that make us human have been forgotten.  We are here to help the suffering, to give voice to the shamed, to reach out to those who have been forgotten.  Learning to love life again and the people in our lives again is what keeps a community whole, sober and sane.     

Barn Life Recovery is this place.  A place that embraces change and celebrates the human spirit in all its triumphs and missteps.  Barn Life Recovery is a place where you can finish what you have started or always wanted to start.



Amazing place, amazing program, and top notch people! A truly once in a lifetime blessing that I was able to attend this facility and program. They helped me to reconnect with myself and who I am and have since had no prescribed medication for anxiety or depression for 3 years now! Unforgettable! Thank you Sifu and all staff at ZRP


I would Give 500 Stars

Incomparable to any other treatment. Easily 100 times better. Non-step 12 step. The way I like to explain is that, at Zen, we aren’t just forced to take notes on coping strategies and relapse prevention courses, instead clients and staff alike encourage each other to think freely, engage in new styles of meditation, thereby committing to memory real, practical techniques that catapult a broken soul into a place of such strong and evolved spiritually.


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