The Heart Chakra

Song of a Man Who Has Come Through

Not I, not I, but the wind that blows through me!
A fine wind is blowing the new direction of Time.
If only I let it bear me, carry me, if only it carry me!

If only I am keen and hard like the sheer tip of a wedge
Driven by invisible blows,

The rock will split, we will come at the wonder, we shall find the Hesperides.

What is the knocking?
What is the knocking at the door in the night?
It is somebody wants to do us harm

No, no, it is the three strange angels
Admit them, admit them.

D.H. Lawrence

The Center of the Psyche-Soma Connection

The heart chakra is arguably the great center of the psyche-soma connection. We strive to reconcile our abundant psyche to the restrictions and rightful size of the body. Here, at home in ourselves, our bodies reach upwards toward the wild spirit of the psyche. If we recognize the relationship between mind and body is an alchemical work – which is to say the primary material that makes up our soulful life – we open ourselves into a world of tending to the mysterious and deeply meaningful gratification that comes with true intimacy. How do we then find the harmony? Should love between these seemingly separate worlds serve as the active agent, our means and method, then the miraculous work begins!

The Great Mother

I love the water. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be in the swimming pool, the ocean, or the bathtub for a long as my mother would allow it. This hasn’t changed really. When I’m out sailing, the relationship with such a deep and mysterious world penetrates my heart space. I suppose it has always had something to do with the great mother – a womb so large and yet deserving of respect. To soak or sail the waters that nourish and soften the rough edges of life penetrates my psyche with perspective and reverent peace.

The Safe, Cleansing Womb

My first solo encounter with the psyche-soma connection through love happened during a hot shower. With warm water softening tension on my neck and upper back, in the safe womb that incubates the ritual of cleansing and self-care, I began to rub my own shoulders. In this moment I allowed myself to feel and receive the care that my conscious hands provided. My shoulders received and accepted the gift. I suddenly switched my attention to the hands themselves providing the love and care. A sense of duality overcame me as I recognized the duality of my nature. I could, in the same moment, give love and receive love. I was in that time the one I was meant to be with and the promises to take good care and invest my conscious effort in gratitude to myself seeded a profound truth.

The Heart Chakra

Known as the Anhata Chakra, the heart chakra resides at the space between the breasts at the center of the sternum.  Associated with the energy of circulation, passion, and devotion, anhata holds the tension of opposites between mind and body, psyche and soma. Anhata is at the center of our auric body. The color of light to balance it is a bright grass-green. It is not traditionally associated with a sentimental kind of love, though heartbreak and deep wounding often distorts, darkens, and weighs down this part of the body. Instead, the heart chakra has to do with the flowing abundant love of creation. This is to say, both the love of one’s self as well as the love of the universe.

Finding a Greater Balance

Our poem above written by D. H. Lawrence reflects this kind of revelation. He speaks of a wind that moves through the heart. A mysterious knock at the door that, although fear may prevent us from receiving, is the visiting divine energy. Opening up the heart is a lot like opening up a fist. When we practice a sensory awareness of this center of consciousness, we may begin to unfold, one finger at a time. The opening heart may feel painful and, yes, scary. This is why I encourage this week that we practice some self-love. If we take the time to open the heart even but a finger’s worth, we may begin to receive and soften. Furthermore, we may discover that we are the best-suited lovers for ourselves. Finally, we may find a greater balance between the struggles of the mind and the urges of the body.