The Sacral Chakra

“Ultimately, to acknowledge the life of the body, and to affirm our solidarity with this physical form, is to acknowledge our existence as one of the earths animals”  – David Abram

Aristotle once wrote that the human soul is a rational soul. He observed how plants possess a vegetal soul focused on growth and nourishment. Meanwhile, animals possess the soul of instincts. For humankind, argues Aristotle, both the vegetal and animal souls are present. However, it is the rational soul that sets us apart. Here we turn our attention to the psyche and soma connection once more. In fact, the soulful experience can be encountered in each of these three dimensions. Indeed, we must come to terms with our poor connection to the sensuous and wise experiences of nature and animal life. Moreover, often enough it is not the rational mind that needs the mending. Rather, it’s the liberation of the animal and the natural relationships to life and presence. Should we become convinced that our thinking defines our being, we gravely miss the simple pleasure of existence.

Orange Swirling Hues

This week we turn our awareness both sensationally and psychologically to the sacral chakra. Seated above the root chakra between the frenum and the navel, the sacral chakra gushes with orange swirling hues. This chakra is the energy center of all creativity, relationships, sexuality, and feeling. When out of balance, the sacral chakra is a dangerous place. Should we live unconscious to the underactive or overactive energy in this center, we would find ourselves deprived of vital enjoyment and personal power on the one hand or, on the other extreme co-dependencies, cravings, compulsions. The sacral chakra is the seat of our addictions and ultimately gluttonous behaviors. If we work to balance this energy center, we discover a world of joy rather than sensory overload.

The Soul of Experience and the True Personhood

The sacral chakra is a double-sided coin. On one side, when this energy center is blocked or overactive, one can feel either cramped in the lower body or loose. For example, the kidneys, bladder and adrenals can become infected, inflamed, or hypertensive. One’s lower back may be tight or in spasm or the belly may hang out pronouncing evidence of an indulgent lifestyle of fat and sugar. Not surprisingly, these areas are associated with the feeling of guilt. Guilt claims the right to pleasure and joy, argues that pleasure has lead to terrible things and therefore must be repressed. This is a common mistake we make when working at psycho-spiritual healing. If guilt overwhelms the sacral chakra, one may go on living as the rational do-gooder but it suffocates the soul of experience and true personhood. Creativity chokes behind the strong grip of guilt.

A Calming and Soothing Realm

The problem is not the desire for pleasure, but the relationship one has with pleasure. For example, if we seek our pleasure at the expense of our souls, there is, as most of us have seen, great destruction that may accompany our ‘natural’ inclinations. On the other side of the coin, pleasure of the sacral chakra promises great relief from the mind and a realm of expression and sensation that can detox the negativity within us, become blissful and filled with wonderful hormones. A balanced sacral chakra is one that allows the salivating self to taste and enjoy the process. For example, watery energy is a flowing, sometimes completely calming and soothing realm. Other times, it is rapid and powerful. With riptides and undercurrents of emotion sweeping us off our feet and thirst-quenching nectars of heavenly sweetness, the moisture of feeling deserves our deepest attendance, respect, and indulgence.

The Constellating Themes of the Sacral Reality

We seek to balance the sacral chakra. This week, let’s pay special attention to their sense of things. As we spend time opening up to the realm of guilt, pleasure and joy, let us all keep in the mind the animal and vegetal soul. Indeed, there is a natural and worthwhile place for the sacral in life. The instincts may be wilder than we want and this is why the root chakra need be open first. Dealing with fear, the root chakra grounds our experiences in a place of balance and security. Below is a simple series of affirmations we associate with the sacral chakra. For those of you willing to give it a try, I encourage reading through these. Say them out loud, speaking them from the space of the sacral and meditating on the color orange. Noticing how one feels exposes the constellating themes of the sacral reality.


  • I am the co-creator with the divine
  • I am creative
  • Creativity flows through me
  • I feel my emotions and I feel my pain
  • I love to feel pleasure in my body
  • Sexuality is sacred and is meant to be enjoyed
  • I release all blame and guilt
  • I easlity accept pleasure
  • What others do is none of my business
  • I am a sensual being
  • I am a creative being
  • My emotions are balanced
  • I can and will receive and give pleasure
  • I am exactly where I need to be in my life
  • I release the need to control others
  • Goodness beauty and joy resonates with my soul
  • I attract what I need and I am blessed
  • I accept my uniqueness
  • I am grateful for the joy of being me
  • I embrace my sensuality and sexuality
  • I am connected to my body
  • I am fully present in all the little pleasures of my day
  • I love myself unconditionally and exactly as I am
  • I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath I take
  • I belong